At Premier Paths, we’ve been very involved in the Manufacturing industry for over 15 years.  Prior to becoming a recruiter, firm founder Melissa Truax enjoyed a successful career in the Import industry, specifically Pet Toys, Children’s Toys, and Novelty Gift Items.

As a result, she has a strong background in Product Development, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Product Design Packaging, Private Label Packaging, Package Creation, and Patent Ownership.  As a result, Truax can “speak the language” when it comes to placing candidates in Manufacturing, drawing upon her extensive experience working with “big box retailers” and their comparably sized sales teams.

Below are just some of the positions that Premier Paths can fill:

  • Sales Professionals
  • Product Development Managers
  • Product Development Marketers
  • Product Designers
  • Packaging Designers
  • Public Relations Specialists
  • Engineering Managers
  • Software Engineers

Whether you’re looking to take the next step in your career or beat the competition by adding the best candidates available in the marketplace, Premier Paths can provide the solutions you need in the Manufacturing industry.