Due to the crossover success that Premier Paths has experienced in placing Healthcare professionals, namely the success placing those professionals in different employment settings, we’ve expanded our services to include the Engineering industry.

Engineering represents one of the fastest growing fields within the employment landscape.  Companies in this field are growing, and they are typically very motivated to fill their open positions with the best candidates available in the shortest amount of time possible.

As a result, top engineers can command excellent salaries and benefits, and this is especially the case if they work within specialized fields.  Below are just some of the positions that Premier Paths can fill:

  • Software Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Materials Engineers
  • Environmental Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers

Coincidentally, four of the five positions listed above are among the top 10 highest-paying jobs in engineering.  Software Engineers are fourth, Electrical Engineers are seventh, Materials Engineers are ninth and Environmental Engineers are eighth.

If you’re seeking your next great career opportunity . . . or you next great employee in Engineering, Premier Paths has the experience, resources, and expertise to help you reach your goals.